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GIVE, How To Manage Your Money and Make a Difference,

The Guide to Financial Planning, Giving, and Impact Investing 

Part one of the book is a guide on financial planning and investing. Through the exercises, you will understand what information a financial advisor would be looking at to make decisions, so that as you move on to the other parts of the book you will be able to make decisions too. In part two you will create a giving plan and learn how to choose causes and nonprofit partners as well as the different ways you can give. Part three of the book will show you how to combine your finances and your giving through impact investing.

Support for GIVE

“Impact investing-is a goal of many; yet often feels difficult to figure out, too complicated or simply, out of reach. In her new book, “How to Manage Your Money and Make a Difference,” Rebecca David breaks it down for us, making the complicated less so and the opportunities to invest in our future and that of our childrens'-no matter at what level-accessible, understandable and doable. This book needs to be read widely and acted upon.”

— Harriet Shugarman,

Executive Director of ClimateMama, professor of global climate change policy and world sustainability, economist, award-winning author of How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change, Turning Angst into Action, and Climate Reality leader and mentor

“Rebecca David's book is a must-read for every investor interested in driving impact. Whether you are a billionaire or an ordinary investor, her insights will be interesting and impactful. You can learn to invest for impact like the pros. This is simply the best book I've found for learning how to invest for good.”

— Devin Thorpe,


Champion of social good, bestselling author, and popular speaker. Devin was also a Forbes contributor, and a 2020 congressional candidate running on a climate change and human rights platform.

“As a member of any human society we have agreed to give priority to the common good, at all times and in all we do. This priority is being rediscovered and Rebecca David shows us how to do this today in how we both invest and donate our money. Bravo!”

— Terry Mollner,

A pioneer and founder of the first family of socially responsible mutual funds, the Calvert Social Funds; and founder of the Calvert Foundation and Trusts for All Children. In 2000 he lead the acquisition of Ben & Jerry’s by Unilever. 

“Rebecca has been at the forefront of thinking on how investors can put their money to work and have a positive impact for many years. GIVE captures how practically to do this, and offers a clear and compelling guide for anyone serious about achieving that goal. The central message  - that everyone, regardless of how much capital they have, can be part of the solution to society’s greatest challenges - has never been more important.”

— Martin Whittaker,


CEO of JUST Capital, co-founder of the CREO Syndicate, board member of the Carbon Disclosure Project US, and a member of the Forbes Finance Council. He was recently named as one of the most influential people in the boardroom and on corporate governance.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the depth of information and the resources provided in this book. For those investors interested in taking a true journey through the world of investing from the basics to making a true impact, this book is for you. Kudos Rebecca for this needed work.”

— Jeff Gitterman,


Co-founding partner of Gitterman Wealth Management, LLC, and a thought leader in the field of Sustainable, Impact, and ESG investing. He was also the associate producer of the feature documentary film, Planetary.


The book's contents include: 

Financial planning

Setting goals

Creating a net worth statement

Creating a cash flow statement

Investing crash course 

Introduction to goals based investing

Creating a financial/investment plan


Giving of yourself

Understanding donor biases

Choosing causes to support

Choosing nonprofit partners

Financial donations



Everyday giving 

Understanding how businesses can give 


Impact investing


Banking, savings, and loans 

Public equities

Shareholder advocacy

Public fixed income

Greenwashing/manager examples

Private investments


Creating an Investment Policy Statement 

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