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How To Manage Your Money And Make A Difference
GIVE is a community that offers online courses, a book, and consulting to help everyone manage their money, make a difference, and invest with impact.

It is not about how much we have but what we do with what we have

We are stewards of whatever resources we have, whether it is our time, our energy, or our money. We are also part of a larger community. How we use our resources is what we choose to put out into the world. It is what we give, what we give both to ourselves and of ourselves. When we manage our money meaningfully we cannot only make a difference but we can change our role in the world. 

How we help you

Manage your money

It's easy to get overwhelmed by different people telling you different things. The fear of being sold to makes it even more difficult to take action. GIVE helps you to understand your finances, create a financial plan, and shows you how to use your goals to make an investment plan. We include information for both retail and high net-worth individuals. We offer a soon to be published book, a Financial Planning and Investing Course, and consulting.

Use your resources to make a difference

Once you understand your finances, you can use your money meaningfully to give to yourself and give of yourself. As Mother Theresa said, "there are no great things, only small things with great love." GIVE shows you how you can use your resources to make a difference. We offer a soon to be published book, a Giving Of Yourself Course, and consulting. We also have a store that sells sustainable items that give back.

Invest with impact

Until recently, impact investing was only available to those who had means, and now it accounts for $1 in $3 under management in the US. That is more than $17 trillion! Investors both large and small are now choosing to invest in a way that supports who and what they want to give to. GIVE helps you to understand impact investing and we show you how do to it. We offer a soon to be published book, an Impact Investing Course, and consulting.


Sustainable Investments In The US

Sustainable investing is better investing

You can make choices every day to make the world a better place, including how you invest. More individuals are looking to use their resources to make a difference because it's better for everyone. Sustainable investments have similar and sometimes better returns than traditional investments. 

GIVE is here to help you on your journey



GIVE's mission is to provide objective information so that anyone can understand their finances, how to give, and how to invest in a better world.

After years of being an advisor, Rebecca David decided to start GIVE because she saw that her clients needed more support to understand the options available to them. Many didn't understand the basics of investing or were overwhelmed trying to understand the world of impact investing.

At the same time Rebecca saw that more people wanted to make a difference with their giving and investments, but there weren't resources for every level of wealth and there was little objective guidance. The fear of being sold to was a barrier for everyone. Rebecca founded GIVE so that regardless of how much someone had they could find the resources they needed to find meaning and give to the world.

Everyone can GIVE

Every purchase you make gives to one of our nonprofit partners

When you think of what you can give, it makes you think differently about what you have  




When you join, you will become a member of the GIVE Community, and you will receive information on how to better manage and invest your money to make a difference. You will also receive invitations to our Giving Circles, where we decide how to donate and invest a portion of GIVE's proceeds. We love hearing how our community is giving. Connect with us on social media to share your story.

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